“I can't believe you tossed your speaking notes like that! Was it planned?”

Of course I did, I thought. This is going to be on NBC! “The risk paid off," I said nonchalantly.

“Big time!” said the camera guy. 

How did a shy school nerd grow up to wow crowds, big and small?

I’m super grateful for opportunities to impact hundreds of lives, because I know how much learning has changed my life and I get to pay it forward.  

I used to shy away from big opportunities like this. They weren't all speaking gigs, but I couldn't deal with any social pressure well. 

If it was a crush, I get all in my head about her and botch the approach (or worse--I didn't even try).

If it was a potential mentor or VIP--people who found their success and could guide me down a similar path--I didn't open my mouth the right ways because I was good at logic--not all this social stuff

But who cares, it's ALL behind me. Besides, I’m here to talk about YOU.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you know how valuable the right upgrades are. They represent you having the best life has to offer.

I created Super Deep Connection so you can upgrade and capture 50% of life that is social and emotional. You don't have to settle and survive on intellect alone. 

There are basic keys to happiness in this world that your schools didn’t teach,

That your parents probably undervalued in preparing you for lifetime success.     

I'm sure you've heard, "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know," but that isn't the full truth.

Here's the vital part they always leave out:

It’s not just who you know, it’s how well you connect with them.

You’ve been accidentally tricked into believing that being rational, hardworking and deserving are all you need to be successful in life.

But something is missing.  

It's why people who aren’t as "smart" as you get jobs you want, and make more money.

What’s missing is why people who are less deserving do better in dating and romance, why they make the sale faster and more often than you too. 

Simple connection isn't as rare anymore. It’s easier than ever to connect in the digital age, but no matter how many likes, shares or comments you get, surface level interactions don't satisfy all your desires. Not even close.

And without  depth, people want to do less for you, and you get far less of them than you want.

Without deeper connections, you’ll lose opportunities to people who aren’t better than you.  

And that’s why despite doing all the things you've been told you should, you're still not meeting your deepest levels of satisfaction. 

It’s not logical, but I have to tell you this: it's not supposed to be. Nothing about human connection is logical. It's all emotional. 

That's why I created the Super Deep Connection,

because relationships are the most important dynamic of life. Relationship is the filter through which you see the world and how you relate to yourself.

What would life be like if you had the tools to trigger deep connection at a moment’s notice, anywhere, with anyone?

After 15 years of training and mentoring, I created Super Deep Connection because I was clear:

  • I'm not the only technologist suffering with a "half empty" life because logic only goes so far. The rest of human experience is sensational.
  • Most learning teaches intellectual skill leaving you to learn emotional intelligence by trial and error, and it's hard to know what's right.
  • Toxicity, past trauma or simply lack of experience lead people to miss out on amazing relationships in the present.
  • Everyone deserves deeper connection to their work, themselves, and with others but far too many people rarely have it every moment of every day.

When was the last time you felt like this?

Frustrated by colleagues who are not working well together...

Exhausted trying to get on the same page as someone else...

Lonely or disconnected, even though you're not alone...

Rubbing people the wrong way even though you're just being yourself...

Feeling stuck because your head says one thing but your heart tells another…

Surviving that awkward silence...

Afraid to move forward because of the risk...

You want a certain flavor of romance but struggle to have it consistently...

You are not alone my friend.

But you know what is rare?

People who can work well with anyone, even when they disagree or dislike others. 

Having expertise with people skill that is matched by technical skills.

People who can be direct without demeaning, who speak the truth, and collaborate fairly.

People who manage conflicts in a way that creates more connection and leaves others better than when they began.

That's why we want you to become that kind of person and more--because there's a huge demand for that version of you in the world.

This Sounds Incredible!

I want to Join Deep Connection

Featured in

“This program is like GPS taking me to the place and leader I want to be in life: a connected man! I created a professional relationship that allowed me to do what I love remotely, so I can move abroad. Plus I also found a sense of belonging with family and friends, that I've struggled to have since I was a kid.”


The quality of your connections in life is everything

Your dating success, your success in career, even how you think of yourself comes down to the quality of the relationships you have, and the ones you are able to create through collaboration.

The ability to collaborate with clients and colleagues, family and friends and even lovers, is an ability you were born with. Your willingness to connect positively or negatively, is influenced by how you've been nurtured ever since.

Upgrade your lifestyle with stronger collaboration!

Welcome to Super Deep Connection

As a kid, I learned never to trust love so when I started dating, I used formulas and logic to advance my connections rather than emotions. 

That worked great for meeting women, but I had a problem maintaining and sustaining the energy of a new relationship. Anything that lasted more than a few months became a constant struggle for power and affection. 

When my worst breakup triggered a downward spiral of depression, I lost my job, and nearly lost my home. I knew something had to change. 

Logic only has so many answers so I ran. I traveled cross-country studying emotional awareness, practicing intense intimacy and connection with other collaborators. That's when I realized, you get better at being with people by being with people. 

Collaboration became the vehicle of relating and it transformed every single relationship. 

I became better friends with my son, and grew closer to my mother.

I stopped dating the wrong kind of women and began attracting those who were interested in me rather than "the game," (which I hated but knew the formulas well).

I negotiated creative freedom and control in my work and did so well it got noticed by outlets like New York Times and NBC.

Meeting new people and networking used to be tougher but the thrill of creating valuable collaborations is too good to pass up.

You can do all this and more.

You’re born to collaborate. Your social skills can be enhanced no matter where you are in life.

Together, we can build your collaboration skills step by step, so you can see the results of being better with people immediately. 

Master your ability to relate and connect, and who you are right now, is in store for a massive upgrade.

How does Deep Connection Work? 

Deep Connection is a 4-week, step by step mentoring program designed to have you experience new feelings, emotions and connections in your real life--not just in our course. I want to see you creating extraordinary collaboration from day one of signing on.

There are over 10 hours of the best training material you'll find on collaboration and relating. 

This is experiential learning, organized so you can learn, do and be deeply connected week after week. It's all about enhancing your skills of getting the best results in collaboration.

Also included is a Deep Journal series that helps you know when, where and how to practice the skills I teach you. Journaling is proven to create deeper results for all kinds of learners. Let's get the fruits of awesome collaboration happening in your actual life today. 

Click here to get everything assess your collaboration skills and map out where they can take you next.

Here's just a few of the things you'll be able to do with Deep Connection

  • Quickly and expertly FEEL where a conversation wants to go and lead it toward mutual satisfaction of you and your date, your interviewer or client.

  • Turn your prospects into raving fans and inspire them to happily collaborate to get what you want.

  • Feel like you're more than enough to take action on that project you've been putting off.

  • Get back as much, or more, of the time, energy and love you give to other people.

  • Minimize or eliminate workplace complications between colleagues and staff.

  • Have the natural charisma, confidence and swagger that gets noticed when you walk into a room.

  • Talk to anyone, even when you're nervous (and learn how to use that energy) so that they want to stay connected to you.

  • Command the energy in a room, lead the conversation and never be the person who needs to retreat into the solace of your phone at a social gathering..

  • Never sleep alone unless your honey is on vacation or you absolutely want that space for yourself (and how to say this without being offensive).

Best of all, we're so sure of the value you are receiving, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

When you join the Deep Connection Masterclass, you’re not just getting the best video content we’ve ever seen on creating connection. 

You’re also becoming a lifetime member of our growing Relationship School.

That means you’ll be invited to live collaboration events, get free access to future video content and be connected to our growing online community. Join the tribe of people committed to lifelong satisfaction through the power of collaboration. And if you hate it, get all your money back!

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What's Inside Deep Connection 

Module 1: Getting Out of Your Head

  • Three key questions to ask yourself and others that creates instant rapport.

  • The best ways to establish healthy boundaries in your life and work.

  • How to detox your relationships so they are free of emotional toxins and baggage.

  • The six types of questions that make you a magnet that people want to know more about.

  • How to develop pride in your body and physical appearance.

  • How to stand up for yourself without being a bully or aggressive.

Module 2: Bottom-Line Collaboration

  • Create more allies using three masterful communication methods.

  • 6 social skills that transform people you know into raving fans.

  • Four types of collaboration skills that improve your results with others.

  • How to develop pride in your body and physical appearance.

  • How to exude the sensational capabilities of an extraordinary lover.

  • Learn 6 experiences that bring all people closer.

Module 3: Powerful Influence

  • 6 ways to trigger emotional responses in you and other people.

  • How to get/give support to your family and friends without being stressed.

  • What questions to ask that get to the core of someone's experience and influence trust.

  • Body language coaching that gives people more of you and gets more from them.

  • How to inspire collaboration without sacrificing integrity.

Module 4: Leadership and Legacy

  • 4 questions to use in collaborative leadership

  • Tips to inspire, excite and motivate a group or community to follow your lead.

  • Practice language that cultivates group collaboration and boosts performance.

  • Develop and share your story in a way that brings people together and moves them forward.

  • Public speaking techniques that resonate with unshakeable confidence and impact.

How do I join the Deep Connection Masterclass?

Deep Connection and Social Skill Mastery is a private training and coaching program costing $3500, and takes two - six months to complete. It's a commitment that just doesn't fit into everyone's life, and I heard this from many clients.  

That's why we took all of the our materials, process and created a go-at-your-own pace video series that helps you coach your way to stronger collaboration and extraordinary relationships. Because all people deserve a deeply connected lifestyle and I want you to take your time to create it.

All you have to do is show up! Super Deep Connection online is just $500!  

That's a fraction of the live coaching program and it comes with:

  • a step by step online course guide
  • access to the highly collaborative professionals who are also practicing deeper collaboration skills.
  • plus access to future collaboration courses requested by experts like you!

We're always adding value to the program and growing our library of course materials. 

Need a payment plan? No problem! We'll make sure you have what you need to connect. Click here for options.

I want this investment in yourself to be a no brainer. 

So if you don't feel and see the results of taking this course, send me an email within 45 days for a full refund.

No hassle. No forms to fill out. Just let me know it's not creating the results you thought it could. 

This has never happened...yet, but I'm sure it's a matter of time. This experience isn't for everyone, only those committed to being seen and seeing others to their core.

It’s created transformations for my students. And like every program I've designed or taught over the last 15 years, this education has changed my life big time.

You've got nothing to lose and a lifetime of satisfaction to attain. 

Join this masterclass. It’s going to be a love fest. Most importantly, you're going to make the planet a better place to connect, and that is priceless.

Click the Join button below and let’s get going!

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