Is some part of your life ready for an upgrade? 

Do you want something more in your career and work? 

Want better experiences with people, teams and relationships?

BEALOVER programs are for you!

There's one kind of skill that can help you improve all of the above: collaboration. We want to show you how to use it to upgrade your life whenever you want.

We Believe:

  • Logical thinking is only half of the human experience. Emotional intelligence makes up the rest of what you need to reach full potential.
  • Relationships are collaborations to satisfy your desires.
  • All people have Six Relationship Types that determine how and what you experience with others.

Who’s behind Bealover Relationship School?

I’m Jaebi, a former Vulcan, in that I prided myself on the power of logic. I had a bug--a bad way of thinking I installed as a kid.

I’m 7-years old the day I see my family torn apart. I learn not to trust emotions. Logic is more predictable. So my life becomes a series of simple formulas that work out pretty well. I graduate college as a Computer Engineer. I buy a home in New York City. I write a book. I build a training career, teaching hundreds of professionals technology secrets. All logic.

Then I hit a wall. Logic only takes me so far. I'm not as close to family or friends as I want and after the worst breakup of my life, I'm sure I'll be alone forever. 

So I did what any good technologist should--collect more information. I soon realize what's missing: collaboration. I became so disconnected from myself and others, I was physically numb. I wanted more and I knew logic wasn't enough to get there. I start practicing authentic relating, non-violent communication and deep connection and intimacy.

My senses turn back on and I stop hiding what I truly want from people, from my career and from myself. I was finally expressing my emotional intelligence in my logic. 

I go from being in a string of dead-end relationships to reconnecting and healing the wounds with women I lost.  I start making better connections in my career, which lead to more money. I even reconnect to long lost relatives. 

Today I get to help technical minds strengthen relationships by flexing their social skill muscles. I teach experts how to speak publicly, manage conflicts and create a measurable impact using the power of collaboration. 

Why focus on building relationships?

When your relationships in life are healthy and connected, you are happy. You are passionate. You’re encouraged to take classes in coding, web design, math, language and a galaxy of intellectual endeavors, so why not improve emotional intelligence? 

The heart of all relationships are collaboration, but most people struggle to do this well. It's why business partnerships end. It's why marriages end. It's why teams and companies don't perform well together. It's even why politicians fail their people.

Better collaborators create stronger, healthier relationships. The right relationship can improve and even save a life.

Better relationships are also the key to making more money, being less stressed or depressed and improving the quality of your overall life.

Where do I start?

BEALOVER has a family of articles, videos and community so you can build a fast framework of awareness and skill to take your collaboration skills to the next level. 

These essentials will boost your collaborative communication skills, confidence and social intelligence. 

It’s true, relationships are everything, but here, we'll guide you on a step by step journey, so you're not overwhelmed.

To start, let us email you the Deep Collaboration course, so you can operate a lot faster moving forward. We'll fill in the gaps between what you do and don't get about your social skills. 

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